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The Inspiration is Real

I love watching. Whether it be YouTube, Twitch, On Demand, or other entertainment venue, I love watching, learning, and just being inspired by those I watch. Sometimes I interact and the benefits of the interaction far outweighs just watching. The comments left on videos or in chats give me more satisfaction than live streaming on…
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The Wrong Way To Make Money Online

I have tried so many avenues of ‘get rich online’ websites, classes, and ideas that I should be an expert, right?? WRONG! I haven’t made a dime online except for my eBay selling Site!! You want to know WHY I haven’t made money with all these great ideas? Keep reading to find out what NOT…
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Earth Science Revealed: Quake Forecasts and Geological Studies

Living in earthquake country, I have always wondered when the ‘Big One’ would actually hit.