Playtime! Roblox Reviews – Lumber Tycoon 2

As I was browsing through the vast empire of Roblox games, I noticed there were several simulation types so I decided to try one out…

Lumber Tycoon 2

This game is a good example of one of the better tycoon games. It has various levels of play with axes, vehicles, travel, stores, and secret missions. There are sometimes seasonal events in which it’s possible to win a badge or prize for completing them.

Starting out in the game, you spawn in front of the Wood R Us store with $20 of in-game money. You have to buy an axe before you can do much of anything else.

As the game progresses there are opportunities to upgrade your tools, expand and build on your plot of land, team up with other players, and explore the map. There are several different types of wood with varying values: the more difficult it is to collect a particular type of wood, the more value it has when you sell it.

I made a ‘wall of fame’ showing all of the different types of wood I have found, the various colors are quite interesting. Some of the wood is no longer available because it came from an event. Some of the wood is more valuable because it took me a long time to get just a little bit of it.

I recommend playing this game with friends because teamwork helps get things done faster and more efficiently. My boys love playing this game and a few times, we have all played together and have gotten the difficult and more expensive ‘Alien Wood’ in the cave, which is the glowing blue wood.

This game is fun whether you play by yourself or with friends. It is a wonderful educational game that can teach teamwork and goal setting as well as work ethics and determination.

I like this game and highly recommend it for anyone age ten and up. Younger children might not be able to read all of the in-game commentary from the characters or the shop info. Ultimately, the parent should be the judge as to whether their child can play this game.

Here is a link to the game so you can try it out for yourself!

Lumber Tycoon 2

Walk it Off

Get Your Blood Pumping & Your Heart Healthy


I have recently started walking with a few friends in the morning and the results have been amazing! I didn’t think I could keep the schedule down and I would end up being lazy again. Well, for the last two months I haven’t let myself or my friends down.

Shoes make all the difference in the world. They need to be the right fit & comfort.

The main idea here is to have fun while getting your body in shape and enjoying the company of friends is just a bonus (they end up getting a little exercise too!)

The views can be beautiful no matter where you are, you just have to expand your horizons.

As we walk around our little town, we end up discovering new and exciting things every time we step out. My friends and I have some lively conversations and it’s fun to get to know them a bit better every day.

Children need motivation to get up and get out, so I challenged my boys to come with me at least a couple of times a week. I think it has worked out well because I keep things interesting, we never go the same route twice. I mix it up a little. Sometimes we go East, Sometimes West, we even might go up the road a little to walk a totally different path.We always have a good time.

I usually get my walking gear from places like Wal-Mart (shoes & clothes) or Dollar Tree (accessories!) There are always great products for walking comfortably and I’m never disappointed!

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