Christmas Magic & Random Surprises

December first is this Saturday. I have decided to start a new Webbily’s Place tradition. Starting on the first day of December, I will be giving random ‘surprise’ gifts out in my community.

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-M Webbily

I will just be going about my day as usual. I will be walking every day, working here (on my website,) and working with my kids so they can get their schoolwork done.

On the side, I will be creating special gifts to give out to random people throughout the month of December. That’s right, I won’t stop at Christmas. I believe kindness should be shown even after Christmas.

I found some lights at the local Dollar Tree to wear during my time watching the Christmas parade this year.

Here is a video of some things I will be working on during the month of December.

I hope to see some of you at the parade!! <3

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