Magical Thoughts & Pondering – What Happens When Spare Time Finds Me

Sometimes, spare time finds it’s way into my busy life.

Between my teens asking for more snacks, my pets wanting attention, chores and errands that need to be done, and mysterious accidents that happen around the house, spare time seems to come to me often.

It challenges me, tortures me with thoughts that whisper to me… ‘I can do it later.’

So I end up ‘taking a break’ and going for the distraction of the moment. Usually it’s one of four things.


I love to read, but it gets me into trouble so I must be doing it right… right?

All genres interest me and I like to learn from them, learn about certain cultures or a time in history.

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There are mysteries, fantasies, science fiction, modern ‘pop culture’ styles, and so many more.

I usually want to read several chapters at once to get the feel of the book before I put it down to continue on with my crazy happy life.

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I get so into games that time just flies away from me.

I have to use a timer or I might not get anything important done! Console, Computer, Board, and card games all interest me. Even outdoor games and intellectual games fascinate my inner child!

Monopoly The Walking DeadMonopoly The Walking Dead

I have had the pleasure of watching other people play games and it reminds me of game time with my family.

Viewing Entertainment

I like watching video content.

Scratch that, I love watching video content! Anything visual is fun to watch and usually takes a lot of my spare time to entertain me.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Theaters, online videos, movie rentals, DVD and Blu-ray, Live streaming, digital Streaming, and sometimes even VHS are all ways video content can be viewed. Full seasons of TV shows can be ordered for binge watching!

Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season

Not that I have any spare time for that either.

Let’s Get Crafty

I love making stuff!

Whether it’s sculpting a unique gift for a loved one, gluing many little things on paper, or creating a beautiful work of art with pastels or paint. I like working with any medium as long as I can have fun with it.

One of my favorite crafts is to make small greeting cards and send them out to family and friends.

The wide variety of paper, cutters, colors, stamps, and embellishments make it that much more fun to create.

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In the end, I sometimes lose a whole day to these… ‘distractions.’

Other days, I manage to use my time wisely and take full responsibility for my actions.

*Grabs Popcorn*

When spare time finds you, try one of these great time cruncher ideas!

Just don’t let the time ‘run away’ from you!

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