New Year, Same Me Things to do in 2019

Every year I make one resolution, one big goal to accomplish throughout the year. Every year I have fallen flat. I haven’t had one year that I have actually completed my goals.

What I have done is change my perspective and what’s really important. Last year I resolved to keep my house more organized, less cluttered. Well, I can tell you that I didn’t completely accomplish that goal.

I did, however, realize that no matter how much work I do, there will always be something to do. I just have to do it in steps… organize the work so it does get done and I won’t get burned out or discouraged in the process!

One person and community that has been extremely helpful these past several years is the FLYlady and her organizational inspiration.

Her emails, letters, and website have opened my eyes to less clutter and more ME time. You should check out the amazing work that has been accomplished through all of her determination and encouragement.

This year I will keep going with baby steps and my shiny sink will keep me focused on the prize. I want a clean house I would be proud to invite my friends in to visit me.

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