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A Whole Lot of Awesome – Part 2

Mysteries Around Every Corner… In Every Box! I recently noticed when I was perusing through some interesting things on Vat19’s website that they offer what’s called ‘The Mysterious Box of Mystery.’ Hmm… I wouldn’t know what’s in there without getting one for myself.     It’s supposed to be a surprise when you open it!…
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Magical Thoughts & Pondering – What Happens When Spare Time Finds Me

…Spare time seems to come to me often. It challenges me, tortures me with thoughts that whisper to me… ‘I can do it later.’

Playtime! Roblox Reviews – Lumber Tycoon 2

As I was browsing through the vast empire of Roblox games, I noticed there were several simulation types so I decided to try one out… Lumber Tycoon 2 This game is a good example of one of the better tycoon games. It has various levels of play with axes, vehicles, travel, stores, and secret missions.…
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