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A Whole Lot of Awesome – Part 3

Board Games I love playing board games. Recently, I have found some of the tried and true classics with a twist! Most of these games I have played more than once. They are fun, fast paced, and exciting! I really like the scrabble tiles. You can stick them on your fridge, but aren’t limited to…
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Magical Thoughts & Pondering – What Happens When Spare Time Finds Me

…Spare time seems to come to me often. It challenges me, tortures me with thoughts that whisper to me… ‘I can do it later.’

A Whole Lot of Awesome – Part 1

WARNING! This post has affiliate links! This means if you buy something from clicking on these product links, you will live! (Plus it helps me post more cool things on my website.) It pays my bills, makes you a happy customer, and the company selling the product sends me a bit o’ cash! $$ Have…
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