The Wrong Way To Make Money Online

I have tried so many avenues of ‘get rich online’ websites, classes, and ideas that I should be an expert, right??

WRONG! I haven’t made a dime online except for my eBay selling Site!! You want to know WHY I haven’t made money with all these great ideas?

Keep reading to find out what NOT to do if you want to make a lot of money online, or even a little!

When I first started this game of finding my perfect niche as many of the people I watched or read from say, I absorbed it like a sponge, getting as many little details as possible.

I was going to really catch fire with it and hit the ground running! The problem is, I didn’t have my own website. So I ended up looking at many different sources to see what website would be best.

I talked to my husband and he suggested I go for an American company with amazing customer service. So I kept searching.

Turns out, I found this great company that has all the services I needed. So I signed up with GoDaddy and thought…

“YES!! I can make a lot of money now! I have a website!

-M Webbily

That was all good until I realized that nothing would happen unless I actually DID something with my website.


So the first wrong thing I did was nothing! I know! How could I be such an idiot?!? Well answer me this… As easy as it is to build a website, how easy is it to keep it maintained?

Since I am a procrastinator at heart and I never seem to finish things, I ended up not doing anything on my website for a year and that sucks.

No traffic to my site, no sales, nothing to motivate me to keep going. So then I started to write articles from time to time. That seemed to get me some traffic.

The Second

Okay, so I started writing things… great! What was I supposed to do when that didn’t seem to pan out? Well I’m also not as patient as I could be and I ended up not maintaining my website after a few great articles.

So at first I did nothing, and secondly I didn’t keep going. I had signed up to a few affiliate programs and thought I would be making big money until I realized I didn’t see any results.

I didn’t see results because I wasn’t keeping my content fresh and reliable. Maintaining your website is a big factor in whether or not you make any money.

Web The 3rd

So I loved being a part of something bigger! All these affiliates and I was going to show them great things! I was going to put them on a pedestal on my website! I WAS… turns out they don’t like it very much if you don’t check in from time to time and acually POST something.

So First I did nothing, Second, I didn’t maintain.


Making decisions about what’s important and what should be posted first is a BIG factor in whether you make money online or not. I get distracted… A LOT. So how the F do I stay focused?

I have found my focus in a world of chaos! 

If you want to know what NOT to do and how not to be a total failure in this world of tech and billions of websites trying to snag your cash and start making your own way, Join me in my quest to find YOUR focus in this world of chaos!!

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