It Starts Here

Hello... is it me you're looking for?

Here I am. Writing stuff on the internet. Back when I was first born, there was no internet. Heck, there were barely cordless phones back then, let alone cell phones.

When I was young, I played outside all the time and took my brothers with me on adventures of a lifetime. I would sing my little heart out all around the backyard, fighting off the bad guys in my own musical production.

Playing pretend with my toys, whether it was Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars, or LEGOs, would always be a fun time. My siblings would join in on the fun, they couldn’t resist.

Then I grew up, moved away and had my own family. We played our own games, went on new adventures, and created our own fun memories along the way.

I’m now older and my family is down a few. We manage to go on with life the best we can without them. I learned a lot from my mother and my husband, may they rest in peace. They will always hold a momentous place in my soul.

For most of my life, I’ve been positive and happy. Taking photos, going on adventures with friends, writing stories, promoting music, recording voice-overs, and creating artistic designs are all part of keeping a balanced lifestyle.

As I grow older and share some of my experiences here, I’ll be working on and publishing several books including biographies and memoirs for all to read and enjoy.

You’re welcome to browse my realm and feel at peace.

Thanks for supporting my efforts and many projects,

M. Webbily
(aka Maureen Webb)